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Art for Turn the lights out now


fuck what else do I even put here? 


Art with a DON! [part 1]

So today is the all school art show, and since I came to Springside School I would without fail enter favorite piece and then search for it so I could enjoy the smug sense of pride it gave me. This year however, is different. You see, if you take a lot of art classes like I do and when you become a senior you can get a whole wall to yourself. I have one. And let's just say I did it with a DON!.

I spent four hours yesterday putting up just the black fabric alone. It was awful but very rewarding in the end. Then today I spent around another four hours printing, cutting and hanging my pieces. I spent a total of EIGHT HOURS on this wall. I stayed after school yesterday until 7 with my dad nailing that fabric into place. I arranged my pieces and then arranged them again to try and ensure as much symmetry possible and that all the pieces were straight. My wall is the LAS VEGAS OF SENIOR WALLS. IT HAS SO MUCH DON! IN IT IT'S CRAZY.

There's just one thing that irks me and at the same thing makes me proud. My wall is one of the only two walls with this much effort put into it, or honestly, any effort. I'm not talking about the artwork itself just the presentation. The walls we get are normally brown so usually people will put something over them, usually black paper, to make it more professional and to make the art stand out more. In previous years, more often than not girls would put black paper and it always looked wonderful. This year, nothing. It just screams "I DON'T CARE" to me. It's not that hard to hang things, unless you're me and HAVE TO HAVE SYMMETRY AND IT MUST BE IN A V/U SHAPE AARHOAHRAF!!! Not only does it look good but as someone pointed out to me, it make them easier to see. Pretty much every girl has at least one picture on some kind of tan-ish paper and with that brown wall they just blend in. I notice when I looked at theirs and then at own tan piece just how right that was. This the sort of thing that furstrates me. I get that art isn't as important to others as it is to me, whatever it's cool, what irks me is the just general laziness of it. Sure it took me 4 hours, I was using stretchy fabric, tacks and a hammer. It was a lot of work but I like the look. All of those girl could have put in 15-30 minutes, maybe less, and pinned or stapled up some black paper. Instead, they just hung their pieces and were done. It just seems to me like a blatant disregard for the show. Sure it's only a high school art show, but it's our last and we were give whole walls to fill with all the work we did that we are proud of, there should be at least some effort put in. I've been looking forward to this for eight years. It's my last real hurrah and quiet "F U" to the school. While I don't think they all should have done what I did I think they should have cared a little more about this. I maybe the only girl in my going to an art school but I refuse to accept this level of laziness from people who I know for a fact are diligent and hard working students. All it says to me is that they don't care about all the time they put into that art. I put eight hours in because goddamn it I worked my ass off on that shit and YOU WILL SEE IT MOTHERFUCKER. YOU WILL SEE IT AND WEEP. Not only did they not do any black paper, from what I saw before they also did no personalization. Usually people will do a quote or something that gives a feel for them/ the art. In fact, I had thought both the black paper and quote were mandatory. It's all just every sad to me, nobody put any real effort into one of their best chances for shameless egotism. No black paper, no personalization, lackluster hanging.

Is it just me? I dunno maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing but I feel if you're given a chance like this you should give it to another if you don't care or put in some effort if you take it. Don't just hang up some stuff and call it quits.

Also, my quote? totally sweet: "Others may laugh at us, but that doesn't matter! This is 'romantic'!" ONE PIECE IS A KEY ELEMENT OF MY LIFE PHILOSOPHY. I wanted to add a quote from Tom but apparently it didn't make sense which is totally bullshit but whatever.

ALSO, ALSO, my art teacher friend Hannah today me the best compliment she heard while she was working on my wall: "It's grizzly but I kinda like it". SO. MUCH. WIN. WHOEVER SAID THAT IS MY BFF. 

Sick as a dog

Felt icky a bit before lunch and by my last class I was so sick I had to go home. first thing I did here after I took some pepto: puke up the pepto and my lunch. Classy day, classy day. Now I'm chillin' in my mom's room since there's a connected bathroom and watching angry bears on netflix. maybe my childhood will cure this ailment. still waitin' on my ginger ale and saltines.

ugghhh sooooooooo acchhhheeeeeeyyyyyyyy...............................

also, apparently there is another girl in my grade going to art school. who is she and why haven't I high five'd her?





 fucking shit. lots of stuff due today and tomorrow. Completely forgot about my senior page for the yearbook. gonna throw myself off of something.


 just fucked up the entire internet in the house for a while in the name of pokemans. Am I classy or what?

also figured out my phone issue :D I can get a new one in about ten days for a LOT less then we originally got my phone for. HOORAY! :D





Today was a Day of Issues

 So today was deffinately a disappointment. I thought I might have a lead on where my cellphone might be, that turned out to be a dead end. It was announced today that because some classy gals were caught drinking at school we can't drink in the halls, which is kind of dumb. This guy I hate with a passion came by for a visit and decided to creep on a friend of mine. That was classy. Then his very existence made that friend physically ill which made me want to knife him. So right now I'm just hoping that pokemon white is waiting for me and that I can finish up some comic pages.

ETA: at home and no sign of Pokemon white. FML



LOL That's really it went to dinner with family and friends then finally found all my childhood photos so I can do my year book page.


Totes Killing Myself

Left my phone at school.
I am a fucking idiot.
i even realized it on the bus.
but I didn't get off at get it because it would leave.
I went back to go get it after I got home.
It wasn't fucking there.
I hate myself so much right now I can't even express it.
fucking fail.
life is a joke and I'm re-entering my depression over a fucking phone.
this is such shit.
My feels can only be expressed in shitty MS paint style drawings.

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